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Insulating question

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I'm looking to insulate the cooking chamber.
I have read somewhere on internet, that laying Brick in bottom of chamber will work.
Has anybody else used this technique or have heard of it?
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seems like it would work to keep the temp stable and to get faster temp recovery after opening the chamber, much like a pizza stone works in your oven. I would think you would want to place it as close as possible to the fire box...

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Bricks will not insulate much but as stated above helps speed recovery. If it is 20° and windy even the bricks will make little difference. Many guys wrap the chamber with a Welding Blanket...JJ

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I live in south Louisiana where it's warm majority of the year. I'm just looking to maintain the heat a little better. I don't have the best smoker, so in not looking to put $100 welding blanket over it.
Thank y'all for your input guys.
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I picked up a 6'x8' welding blanket from Harbor Freight for $20 and it works fine. In the winter I used it on my Weber gasser before I got my Yoder. I now use it on the Yoder as well especially when it's windy. 

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