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help needed now!

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I'm making hot dogs like i have before and poaching them. Cure was added and they are not turning pink like they have before???
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PM Boykjo.. he'll help ya out...
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We need a little more information of what your process is or if you can upload some pics. I assume you did not smoke these to 135 degrees then finish in a 180 degree par boil and finish at an IT of 160. When making hot dogs the meat is usually ground several times through the fine plate and/or emulsified with a food prcessor. This will not give the hot dog that traditional pink tint like cured smoked sausage. Not sure why the hot dogs turned pink in the first place.........
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The Recipe would help also. Even a small change can have a big impact. When you say " Didn't Turn Pink " are you saying the hotdogs are done poaching and are Gray like a Brat or Boiled Beef?...JJ

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Theses dogs were ground and emulsified in kitchen aid mixer using Hi country seasoning with pink salt. The last time I made dogs it was done the exact way except using a different company seasoning and pink salt. They turned nice and pink. These dogs were poached to an internal temp of 155 and then to the ice bath. The finished pic shows some slight pink in the center of image but must be from flash. If u look at the dogs to the side of pic that is the true color. I just want to make sure everything is safe with these dogs.

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If you took them to 155 IT they're good to eat. You will get different results using different seasonings. Hot dogs look great................:drool

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Ok thanks.
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