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I may have ruined 2 racks of ribs. I started some spare ribs then got a call I needed 2 more racks for a party. Not thinking I grabbed 2 new racks then put them on the top rack in my WSM then transferred the 2 racks that have been smoking for an hour to the bottom rack. Did I essentially ruin the bottom rack since the uncooked ribs were put above?
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Likely not. If you're really worried, just move them to the top rack and you're fine. since they've only been on for an hour everything will end up coming to a safe temperature anyway. Meat drippings aren't' poison. Only real problem would be if uncooked meat dripped on meat that was finished and about to come off the smoker.

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Thanks, I just don't want to make anyone ill so I'm kind of extra careful I figured since it still had a few hours of cooking time I would possibly be ok
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No you are fine.
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Even if it was Chicken over the Ribs, there is no issue. The juices are dripping on Ribs with a surface temp of 225°+. Any Bacteria in the juices are Insantly killed...It is not a Safety issue but it is more of a YUK factor having raw meat Juices dripping on cooked or nearly cooked meat...JJ

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I would gladly join you for dinner and one of my titles is Infection Control
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