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HELLO! I am Teddi

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I am 45 and have NEVER smoked a brisket chicken fish or pork anything. I have always loved using charcoal but the last 5 or more years I used propane out of shear laziness. I am from Dallas Texas and grew up in Farmers Branch (thats in North Dallas)  Currently I reside in the northern section of Denton (almost the river- Red that is) The whole reason for me being on here is to get help with my FIRST SMOKE! Hopefully it does not turn into beef jerky and I will be back. If not, it was nice to visit. 

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Welcome, Teddi! You've come to the right place to get help with that first smoke. Nothing wrong with using propane if it works for you. I use a charcoal smoker and a propane grill for high heat, but will be smoking today using my propane grill with a fancy new tube smoker. Post any questions you may have and you're sure to get plenty of tips and advice.

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Hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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