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Masterbuilt XL temperature problems

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I think I've seen a similar thread here before but can't find it. I've never been able to get my MBXL to run cool enough. I live in south Texas where it's always on the warm side outdoors. When I get the temperature in the box down in the 250f range, the burner is turned down so low that any slight breezed blows out the flame. If I get a stable flame, the temp goes up over 300F. I've tried taping up the sides of the box the burner is in and even taping cardboard around the base to stop the breeze. I've installed a needle valve with no help.
Anyone have any recommendations on a smaller BTU propane burner that I could install? It seems that something roughly 50% smaller would be about right. THANKS in advance!!
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I also live in Texas and have the same problem. I installed a needle valve and I think the problem is actually worse.
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Is the smoker in the Shade? Maybe painting with a high temp White or Silver Paint would help. How about wrapping in Foil to reflect sun light. Just guessing. I understand your situation. I spent July, August and September in Arlington in '89. It was 115 to 120°F in the Shade almost every day. Pretty damn HOT for a Jersey Boy!...JJ

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Converted it to natural gas yesterday. Ran it all night at a constant 250 F. I didn't drill the orifice out and it runs just fine. The breeze doesn't affect it but I did find that I have to close the door VERY SLOWLY. If I shut the door fast it creates higher pressure in the cabinet and the flame goes out???? Strange...

Now if I can just get my AMPS to run consistently I think Ill have it whipped...thanks for the feedback!!!

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AMNPS Need Air and plenty of it. Propane eats oxygen and starves the AMNPS. Find a location, past the heat source, where you can place the AMNPS and drill some holes to let air get to it. Another option is to get a AMNTS Tube. Much bigger holes and can use the limited oxygen to stay lit...JJ

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