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latest build complete

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Just finished turned out great! doing the seasoning smoke now   used ed's  c burner this is my first attempt at building my own racks ,overbuilt will last a lifetime  for sure built this one for a friend now going to build some racks like these for mine    thanks       bruce 

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Hello.  That looks EXACTLY like a smoker!  :icon_biggrin:  GREAT job.  Looks like gonna be a good 'un.  Keep Smokin!


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thanks  kc   smoker whats I was going for!! the new owner has used it twice no complaints  all good so far

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Where did you find that big faced dial thermometer? That's the only thing I have left on mine. My eyes aren't that great anymore and a big face like that would be ideal?

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river country 5in diameter-5 in stem I have used the same one on both my builds already got the 3rd purchased for the next one  hope this helps         post some pics of yours we want to see!! 

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Thanks for the lead.


Ya, umm, pictures aren't going to happen with out one of the kids dropping by. I'm not over the digital divide yet at this pace I may never be either.

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