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Multiple pork Butt at same time question

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I am doing 2 pork Butts at the same time, in same smoker this weekend. I have only ever done one at a time. Will it take longer than doing one? Will having two in there at same time alter the normal 1 1/2 hour per pound?

Thank you
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It shouldn't affect the time enough to notice given the overall length of the smoke. Basically it only takes a little longer in the beginning because your introducing more cold meat into the smoker so it takes a little longer to recover

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2 pork butts really ain't that much to worry about. What kind of smoker are you using? This is a big factor, because you could either be running with a little WSM or a big reverse flow. Biggest thing is just making sure air flow isn't restricted by being over loaded with meat. And also keeping in mind that if most of your cooking chamber is loaded down, you've got greater surface area to heat and the moisture levels are also different.
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Yeah, that's the key (What Smoker). Every smoker is a bit different, but with a little knowledge and afore thought it should be easy. 

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In my el cheapo char-broil vertical charcoal smoker I did 2 butts at one time and they seemed to still average about 1 1/2 hrs per lb. I kept smoker around 250 and both butts were close to same size and weight, I did 2  6.5 butts and they took about 9 hrs for both.

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I am using master built electric vertical smoker
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Preheat to 275 then when you put the meat in cut it back to 225 or 250

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