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The guy that is helping me with the build feels the CC is too thin, less than an 1/8 inch. I found a 36 in by 20 diameter price of pipe. He is so concerned with what that material is that he wants to just cut it off and replace it with this piece of pipe. The pipe is 1/4 thick so that eliminates the thin issue. I would just start looking for another tank but he has already built the FB and had a piece of rolled metal put on top for an oven.
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Less than 1/8" thick is really thin, I can understand his concerns since it will not recover quickly and have trouble keeping temperature in cold weather. It's a lot easier to change the CC now than later since you have not yet installed the RF plate. 

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I agree. We have cut the RF plate but the dimensions are the same and it hasn't been welded into place. The only thing I lose is the bowed out end. Is this much of a concern with a RF smoker? I have read some different opinions.
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A flat plate end cap will work just fine.

Just make sure you have enough gap between the end of the RF plate and the end of the cook chamber for the smoke to make the turn.


If you want to maximize grate area, you can also make a curved plenum like this:

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Getting very close to completing my build. How do you attach pictures? I have a few more questions. I put a 30 inch smoke stack near the top of my CC. It looks really long. When I am ready to do a test burn do I need to put some kind of oil coating inside the CC? Thanks
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The fifth icon from the right in the bar above the "Reply" box is an icon that looks like a mountain scene, just to the left of the one that looks like a piece of film. That is the insert image link, click on it, then click on the upload image icon and it directs you to a folder on your computer where you select the picture. Go to the folder on your computer where the picture is stored, select the picture, and click the Open icon at the bottom of the screen.

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Thanks. Does 30 inches seems long for the chimney? The tank is 36x20. Do I need to put any cooking oil on the inside during the first burn? Feldons says 19.5 inches but I think I read it is a little flawed concerning chimney length.
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Unless I have missed something here...... You have already figured this smoker out about 3 times... why are you doubting your previous work... use the calculator that I put together BASED on Feldon's and corrected the calculation problems associated with it... My calculator is based on the CC size... and uses Feldon's base for all the numbers....

20x20x0.7854x36 = 11,310 cu. in. x 0.017 = 192 cu. in. /0.7854 / (3" dia.) 9 = 27.2" stack length or longer...
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I have only cooked on this smoker twice but the upper left corner is the hottest spot. It is about 40 degrees hotter than any other spot. I made the chimney a little taller than the calculator said too, I think someone advised me to go around 30 inches. The calculator says it should be around 22 inches. Is there too much draw and that is what make this spot so much hotter? Thanks for any help.
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After looking through your thread, you have changed the design many times.... What calculator did you use and what were the numbers, and did you change the numbers when you added the top to the FB for you vertical cooker portion....
What is the opening between the FB and CC.... what size is the CC... what area do you have under the RF plate... what is the opening at the end of the RF plate... Do you use the plate on top of the stack to adjust stuff while cooking..... Do you use the vertical cooker while using the RF portion of the smoker......

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I didn't change a lot. I had scrap my first tank but I bought a piece of pipe that was 20 in diameter and 36 in long. The portion above the FB is an oven and there is a solid bottom so no smoke goes in there just heats the top of the FB. The FB is 16x16x16 and I believe the opening was around 45 sq in. I used feldons calculator. The area under the plate was about 3.5 in off the bottom and is 33 in long. This was the recommended length by someone in this thread.
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all the numbers and stuff look good.... The only thing I can suggest is adding another air inlet to the door on the firebox.... that will allow for more air movement in the smoker and Cook Chamber WITHOUT adding air to the fire..... Seems to work good on many smokers.... That should stabilize the temps some..... make that opening about 4 square inches...

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