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Burnt Ends

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I have smoked about three briskets before.  I've never heard the term "burnt ends" before I found this site.  What is meant by that?  From what I gather it must be a good thing.  Can someone help out to understand what they are and why they are apparently so good?

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They are very good! When I have made them, I started with a whole packer and smoked it whole as you normally would.  My target temp for slicing is ~190 IT. To make burnt ends, I pull the whole packer out of the smoker when it is ~170. Then I remove the point from the flat. The point should separate quite easily because there is a big fat layer between the two muscles. The flat goes back in the smoker to finish up.  The point gets cubed up into small bite-sized cubes. Toss with some additional rub and other spices/seasonings if you desire. I have used a little honey before, this helps the burnt ends caramelize a little when you put them back in.


Put the cubed/seasoned burnt ends in a foil pan and back into the smoker for a couple more hours. Stir occasionally and watch them so they don't dry out.


Good luck! You will love them!

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Isucyclone, thanks for the reply.  Is the point on the skinny end or the fat end of the brisket?  I guess I don't know much about briskets other than they taste really good.

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The flat is the "lean" skinny side, and the point is the "fat" thick side. But in the middle the kinda sit in top of each other.
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Burnt ends are gods gift to BBQers. Horde them for yourself. :drool   Seriously though my wife brought me home some burnt ends from a restaurant and that is what made me get a smoker, that and not being able to find good carolina style pulled pork in Utah. 

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I like burnt ends way more then the flat. Do them right and you will be a believer 

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Thanks very much guys.  I will have to give them a try for my next brisket.

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