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Pork belly

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Hi all,


I am thinking about making my own bacon.

I have done a bunch of reading on the various ways, and I have started buying the ingredients.

The only problem is, I cannot find a store that sells pork belly.

The closest thing that I have found is a local grocery store's butcher says that he has some frozen that he would need to cut and package.  But, I thought that I would pass because I would want to have fresh pork belly vs something that I would need to thaw, etc.


Unfortunately, I do not know of any butcher shops in the area that I would go to.


Where do you all buy your pork bellies?


Thanks for the help!

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Here in Montreal I go to a local butcher, he gets me anything I want.


Google searching for Kansas City I found:

"You can go in and ask for pretty much anything off of a cow or pig and they have it. A good example of this was I recently went in to get a price on pork belly and whole pigs heads. Without flinching at my request I was quoted a price and was asked if I would like to see some product."

"We believe in local farms, humanely raised meats and damn good eating. Local Pig provides the people of Kansas City with a wide selection of steaks, roasts, chops, sausages, burgers and charcuterie."

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You're in KC and can't find Pork Bellies? :icon_eek:. There are so many Q Joints there that there has to be some Butchers custom cutting. Since the Belly is what is left after the Spare Ribs are removed, I would think it would not be a challenge to find Bellies. Try asking the Pitmaster's where they get pork. Some Restaurant Supply distributors like Sysco, have Walk-in retail outlets. They may have partial cases of Bellies and would definitely sell you a whole case. You may try local Asian and Hispanic Markets as well, they tend to move a lot of Bellies...JJ

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I've been able to find Pork Belly at international supermarkets, farmers markets, Asian food markets. I say all of those because to some degree the names are interchangeable around here, Roswell GA. I first asked at Whole Foods, they said, "nobody wants it". And that very moment a woman walks up and asked if they have pork belly. :)


Good luck. Hope you find it.

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