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Salmon Jerky

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Since I have been giving so much jerky away, I had to stop and make more, especially with another fishing trip due this weekend.

5.3# worth all sliced up ready for the dry brine.

In the brine of 4/1 ratio of brown sugar / salt with lots of fresh garlic for 3 hours

Afterwards, rinsed and now drying for 2+ hours

Finished product after 2 hours in the smoker at 135-140* using Alder and Apple wood. Then into the dehydrator for 5 hours
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That looks great !! Would you mind sharing the recipe and smoking times.

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I gave more details in the original post.

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What a fun process to see! I love the table shot with all the racks! Fantastic! Cheers! - Leah

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That's some dam fine looking jerky.
It's got me in the mood to fire up the smoker today thanks.
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That looks great CMAYNA.  I a gather you use fresh salmon.  I wish I could get it in Texas, but I would have to settle for store bought.  Would there be much difference in the taste?

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I must think that for Salmon Jerky, we could get by with a lot of murder if one used store bought fish.   Maybe not?

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That looks awesome!!!! Wish I could just grab one off that plate!!!
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Wow! That is inspirational. Way to make fish candy. :drool

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