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Done! Finally!

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I want to say thanks to those on here who helped make this endeavor complete! Here she is! Hopefully her maiden season and smoke this coming weekend! Hopefully Q-View coming soon!













Custom paint: deer, turkey, and trout airbrushed in smoke. ( This is the first time I airbrushed. I don't think its too bad.)

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Hello.  REALLY nice paint job, but whatcha got under the hood?  I see no vents or exhaust.  Just how does that dude work?  I mean no disrespect; looks really nice, just curious.  Keep Smokin!


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It is pretty. I think you still have more to do? Open the doors and let us look around. That's a nice paint job!

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yeaaa.. let us kick the tires
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lol ok. I didn't think you guys would want to. If you want to see the build here is the link.

Let me know what you want to see. it has a 4'' exhaust and an 6" intake.

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That's a fine looking build.


Let's see some TBS coming from it now, lol. How many seasoning runs would you need to make you think? 

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@bobank03, I'm hoping only one. a good 4-5 hour seasoning. sprayed every 1/2hr with olive oil. Then I hope its good to go!

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