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Need some appetizer Ideas.

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I need some appetizer or finger food ideas for the 4th. I know ABTs, Moinks, onion rings wrapped in bacon....hoping for something not wrapped in bacon.



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Smoked Eggs ( place on Smoker @ 225*F for 2.5hrs.) use as any other Egg . . . salad , Deviled , etc.   Stickleback Potatoes (cut almost through the Tater , leaving appox. 1/ hold it together , and place seasoning and Butter in the slits) , place on Smoker until toothpick soft . Bacon Candy .


Save the trimmings of Ribs to make snacks with a sauce over them , eat while cooking other stuff.


A few days before , make Smoked Cheese , cube it and snack .


Go to the Grill and do candied Pineapple slices (whole Pineapple) , Apples , Peaches . . .etc. (just cut in half and dip cut side in Turbinato Sugar and place on Grill to caramelize .)


Smoke some Nuts , Peanuts , Cashews , Pecans ,  Hazel Nuts , etc.  You can candy these too . . .


Have fun and . . .

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Don't forget the pork candy!


Also I have been looking and can't find it again, but there was a sausage stuffed onion wrapped in bacon that I saw here last year and I have got to try it!

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How about some BBQ sliders?  make some shredded BBQ, beef, chicken, or pork, and a bunch of those mini hamburger buns.

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