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Q-View - Beef and Pork

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This was from my cook last Saturday, 6/21 - got lazy and didn't post until now.


TBS rising!



Beef brisket, side ribs and short ribs rubbed and ready to go.



Three hours into my cook.  I wrapped the beef ribs and put the pork spare ribs and trims on.  Also tossed a link of kielbasa on as an appetizer.



Six hours into the total cook.   Three hours on the pork ribs and time to wrap them.  I added a bit of rub, some turbinado sugar, squeeze margarine and apple juice for moisture.  On the right is a bit of moisturizing liquid for the chef!



Closeup of the ribs before closing the foil.


Well, here I messed up!  When the pork ribs were ready, my wife and a neighbor were harassing me, I was tired, etc., etc., -- bottom line is I forgot to get photos of the pork ribs.  Take my word for it: Everyone loved 'em.


Nine hours into the cook and the beef ribs are coming off, but the brisket gets to sleep out here overnight.


Again, I got stupid and didn't photograph the brisket when I retrieved in Sunday morning and sliced it up.  I cut up part of the point, doused the pieces with sauce and put them on the gas grill on low for a couple of hours to make burnt ends.


A yummy cook and I'll do better on the photos next time!

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Hello.  Good lookin meat.  Well done.  Keep Smokin!


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Looks great. I can't wait til Friday so I can fire mine up!
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