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foiling juice

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When using the 2-2-1 method for smoking baby back ribs, what is a good foiling juice for the second stage? (The foiling stage)
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I plan on making them sweet & hot with a maple syrup glaze on the final step. I've never used a foiling juice. Just curious as to what to use.?
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Chef JJ makes a great foiling sauce, Me? I usually just sprinkle some more rub on the meat and add either apple cider, apple cider vinegar, and or squeeze butter or all.  Basically what you are doing is making something to create steam in the foil and hopefully add another step to the flavor. 


He's Chef JJ's foiling sauce, he also make an outstanding finishing sauce too!

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Foamheart thanks for posting and the recommendation. Rocswx, you can use Maple Syrup as the sweetener in the Foiling Juice then drain the liquid from the foil into a pan when you are ready to put the ribs on the last hour. Add more Maple Syrup and Hot Sauce to the pan with the Foiling Juice and reduce it down until thickened then baste the ribs. Apple and Maple tastes great together...JJ

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I've put together a sauce that's brown sugar, honey, apple juice, butter, and Franks' hot sauce. Adjust to taste. Best I've experimented with yet...

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Mmm. Those sound good. I didn't check on here before it was time so I just put about a 1/4 cup of a Sam Adams in the foil! Lol I did think about some apple cider vinegar. We will see how that turns out. The hops should impart some good aromatic flavor. Ill let u guys know.
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Curious how the Sam goes... Keep us posted with some Q View.
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My Pop when he grilled, he mopped with apple cider vinegar, butter, salt & pepper. He said the vinegar tenderized the meat and added that special twang, while the butter lubricated and browned the meat. Hard to argue while your mouth is full.

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Any liquid in the foil works. But there is a good opportunity while foiling to add an extra or different flavor profile to the meat. Beer works well, guys have even added their favorite Booze or Cocktail to the foil. Hmmmm...Mojito Ribs? Tequila Sunrise Ribs? Lots of possibilities...JJ

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