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My first smoker

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Hello there,


New to the forum and the smoking world.... Have a lot to learn and am happy to have found this wonderful world of smoking...


I have read a lot of forums on the subject and learned much but still have lots to go. I found this forum the most helpful so far and its a wealth of knowledge!!!  There were quite a few smoker builds I saw and some amazing threads complete with drawings to help explain the finer inns and outs of how smokers work.. Also found a link on here for an online calculator for building a smoker (amazing and useful, big thanks to the poster of that one!!)


I decided to build a revers flow smoker and wanted to share it with you all to get your opinions and criticism on how I can improve it for the next attempt...


Ill post some pictures for you all.. Hope you approve


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as you can see I used a 100lb propane tank for the smoke chamber and a 40lb tank for the fire box... I was a challenge to figure out the best way to weld it all up but I think i did alright..


For the grill I used a heavy gage expanded steel and I used 1/4" steel plates below to move around to help balance the heat.

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Smoker looks good..... Got any pictures of food on the smoker..... Dave
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yep, let's see that baby in action! I have to give you credit, she's a thing of beauty! 

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I will have some pics of it in action this weekend.. Going to smoke a 12lb brisket on saturday for my first time.... Hope it all goes well.

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This is the grill with what I think you call "TP Plates" underneath. The are 1/4" steel and can be slid left to right to create gaps for the smoke to come up sooner and balance the heat.. But so far with my test burns it seems to keep a good steady temp across the grill..  On my first test burn it climbed up to 260f and stayed there unattended for about an hour and a half. So i figure ill need to check on it roughly ever hour or so to maintain a temp..

I used the top of the propane tank I cut off as the base for the fire grill (thought it was fitting lol)

I made a steel band and bent it around the outside of the tank to get the radios right. Then inserted it and drilled my air holes through both the tank and the ring at the same time to be sure they would line up.

I drilled 2 half inch holes in the front then connected them into a slot with my angle grinder.  Then welded a steel rod to the inner ring from inside. now when you slide the shaft left to right all 6 holes open and close together making it real easy to control the amount of air going in to the fire..  It took me a few attempts to get this right but was worth all the profanity that came with the making of it..

Here you can see it closed completely and its half open in the picture above..

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Great design..... I think that will be used for years to come......
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Great looking smoker! How does she cook?

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One question I have is regarding the door.. I used a flat steel to create an overlap for the gap. When I did my test runs i noticed a fair bit of smoke escaping from the seems of the door.  Should I concern myself with this or should I look into something to create a better seal?

This is how I went about adding the overlap.



I know I know, i need to work on my welding lol....

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Originally Posted by RadioGuy View Post

Great looking smoker! How does she cook?


I don't know yet.... But am going to smoke a brisket this saturday and find out.. Ill be sure to snap a few pics of it in action.


Just picked up a bag of apple wood today. on my way shortly to grab the brisket I ordered. should be about a 12ld'er

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Welds look fine to me.... If it works, it's perfect... I don't think the food will notice.... If your guests say anything, there's always mickey D's for them.....
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The more leaks you can eliminate, the easier it will be to control the heat. Here is a thread where Ribwizzard shows how he uses silicone RTV to seal under the lip seal on a cook chamber. It looks like a good way to fix your problem and he says it holds up very well.



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That's one great looking piece of meat!!!!  Juice running all over the board!

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Nice build. I like those air inlets!
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Cool, I thought that smoke went in a different direction in Canada, you know, like the water swirls different in South America.




Nice looking Pit.

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Lol. Yeah, you never know where the smoke is gonna go up here in canada. Or what we are burning either😜
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