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water pan

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I have a masterbuilt gas smoker, I'm gonna start using pellets with the amazing 12" tube, should I use a water pan or not

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I have a GOSM not the Masterbuilt but still propane and I fill the water pan and put the tube smoker on the bottom grate right hand side and it works great

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i always feel that the water pan is for temperature modulation only (or to catch dripping if its a vertical smoker).  If you can control your temp, my thought would be that the water pan only increases fuel usage.  In my opinion, it doesn't affect how "moist" the finished product will be.  That can be controlled through other methods as well

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It has been proven that a moist environment helps more smoke adhere to the meat. Still, I dry smoke the majority of the time. If I want more smoke flavor I use more wood and spritz.
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