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Well we will see, I just talked to Haley, mine is shipping next week. I am a happy happy camper if I get what I was told and it works as well as my MES30 does. Heck I didn't even care about the remote thermometer!


No more cutting full packers, of course I can't afford 'em at the prices ya'll be quoting on the boards these days....LOL, no more cutting spare ribs in to pieces! I can smoke just like Da Bear now!!!


<puffs chest out>


Well I couldn't stand it anymore and called today...... Its been almost two weeks. Seems the order had slipped thru the cracks.


Its is shipping now tomorrow. MES40 SS (Gen 1/Tested) w/ cold smoker attachment. YEE-HAW!!

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Well I got mine today!


Want to see what a shiny clean one looks like? I took a picture for posterity !!



Not too good of a picture. Better with the light on.



See that little box on the side?



I never had before, and inside it, its magic........



The magic tower of gnomes, where the gnomes constantly refill the smoking chamber with magic dust



The sanctum sanctorum where all the gnome magic takes place.



Put all together and what have you got? Bippity Boppity, Bippity Boppity, Bippity Boppity Boo!!


Going to have to rearrange the designated smoking area tomorrow (LOL..... who would have ever thought I would use those words for a meat smoker and not so I could smoke a Camel), prior to the run it. Then I should be ready for a maiden run.............



Not too bad of a deal, of course that is if it runs out good tomorrow.


No more trimmed briskets, or cut ribs, plenty of smoke, room to hang andouille...... yes if it only works now.

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