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Tomorrow's Project...

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One corned beef brisket...




Two corned beef briskets...




Rubbed with stone ground mustard, cracked pepper, cracked coriander seed, and garlic powder. Tomorrow, into the smoker with apple wood.

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Corned beef training to be pastrami..





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Pulled the (now) pastrami at 160 F.




Now to add some beef broth and wine to the pan, cover with foil, and into a 240 F. oven until the internal temp of the brisket is 200 F.

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Finished pastrami



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Ok, I give. Sixty people viewed it. Not one comment positive or negative. Not to mention the question on steaming or not that got 20 views and no replies.



I'll try my luck somewhere else.

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Looks good! Did you just by pre-packaged corn beefs?

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