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What's going on pitmasters.. My name is mike and I recently got a huge interest in barbecuing! I have a self made smoker with an offset fire box that I made myself out of steel 24 inch pipe! I work in the oil fields and I'm from south texas so mesquite is in abundance! I hope to hear from you guys as I am open for advice, tips, an up for conversating meats (no pun intended)! Keep calm and grill on!
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Welcome Mike, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome. I frequent the El Paso area on work travel and hav experienced the awesome Q down there. Happy smoking!

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Hey Mike, welcome to SMF from a rainy East Texas., Make sure your wood is SEASONED mesquite is very strong and can impart a bitter taste, most of my friends who use mesquite mix it with oak.


Gary S

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