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A little bit of every thing.

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 garlic hot dogs polish sausage


dogs in ice water bath.



 smoked pizza 

Cherry was used on all.  Thanks for looking.:sausage: 

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That looks great how long was the Pizza in and for how long and what kind of Pizza, Everything looks great - Nice job


A full smoker is a happy smoker!!!! and yours looks very happy 



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It's the only time my water pan is empty .I put on high and get it up in the 370f 400f range and load it up .You load it quick as possible.I have a small piece  3/4 plate steel as a heat sink in the back.Then you just have to watch it from their.Outside temps mater humidity matters your dealing with bread .Theirs a lot of humidity this close to the mississippi river.I think those are a three pack of dejarnos  from sam's.Make a few homemade.

Their are some great recipes for crust here.

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:drool Thanks for the info, Looks great 

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Outstanding! Gotta try a pizza in the smoker one of these days! 

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Looks great!  Beautifully done sausages.  I get so jealous, due to not being able to make sausages due to our lack of space.  O well, I can dream with the excellent images you posted.


Thumbs Up

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