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First try tomorrow

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Bought 2 racks of SLC ribs today. Made my own rub taking cues from recipes here. I cut the racks in half to make sure they fit in my MF vertical. I plan to do the thicker half on the top rack for the higher temp. I've done 3 test burns to get an idea of venting. Looks like the bottom rack is about 225 while the top is about 240-250. 3-2-1 is the method I plan to use.

So excited.
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Good luck!! :banana_smiley:

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sounds like a plan, Don't forget to post some pics and even pics of your smoker. It's all about the q-view! 

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sounds like you got it under control , I prefer SLC ribs ..but I do mine 2.5 -2.5 -1 I think that extra time in the foil makes a difference in breaking them down. but that's just my way .the 3-2-1 is what most people do. I just want to be different I guess

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Away we go. Fingers crossed.
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And the result...

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Maybe a little over done. Pulled easy from the bone but not mushy
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Looks good from where I'm sitting!!
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