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modified triple barrel design

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Planing on building a smoker. I like the triple barrel design but have a idea to modify it. Would like your opinions. I think by turning the bottom barrel 90 degrees to the top ones will make fueling easier plus it does look cool
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Hello.  Will need much more detail to comment with any serious ideas. My first thought is you are gonna burn yourself on that firebox while trying to tend your meat or you are gonna need very small doors.  Secondly the drums are usually stacked so that the heat from the firebox also radiates upward to heat the smoking chamber.  Since you just said 3 barrels I have to assume you mean 55 gallon barrels and in that case seems to me you will lose some of that radiant heat on each end of the firebox.  Third the dual heat/smoke inlets and the stacks at each end will tend to draw the heat/smoke from the fire box up and then to each end of the smoke chamber; which I think will leave a cold spot in the center of the smoke chamber ( maybe not?? ).  Just thoughts off the top of my head without more detail, maybe someone else has better knowledge.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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True on losing some heat but convenience would be nice. From what I have picked up is you put a rack on the bottom and place drip pans which act as a diffuser
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Hello.  Without more detail we are talking in abstract here,  I was just tossing out ideas based on your drawing,  Now if you have made up your mind that you are going to build a smoker based on the drawing I wish you all the luck in the world!  I am certainly no expert.  I was just trying to point out that more detail might get you more input.  Rack on the bottom and diffusers will result in the same spread of heat/smoke in my opinion.  A cold spot in the middle; BUT, what do I know??  Good luck on the build, I wish you well.  Keep Smokin!


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Input is why I posted and I thank you for it. Cold spot has come up in my research and supposed to me not a problem
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hey jr i built a double drum smoker myself last year. i first noticed i had alot of problems getting it to breath. i also noticed that with the firebox being a drum i was chewing through fuel like a fiend. i first attacked the breathing problem. i built a pid controller to push air into the firebox thus feeding the fire. which means i chewed through more fuel. so i remodified it again and stuck a wood stove under it. 

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Nothing on this build is set in stone yet. I figure if I can answer your questions I have done my homework lol
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I wondered about that as a possibility. Was planing on draft controls in the front and back to help with air. Considering lining whole barrel with fire brick
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or you could wrap the bottom barrel in a nice welding blanket that would look cool.

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