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New Member from NY (not NYC)

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Hey everyone,


I'm Ryan from upstate NY I got a smoker last summer and used it several times, have been honing my skills in and am always looking for new tips tricks techniques and recipes.  Glad to be here

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Hey Ryan

Your title made me laugh, brought back memories of moving to Houston right after I got out of college (more than a few years ago, now).  I learned very quickly to tell people I was originally from Buffalo, not to just say New York.  If you said your were from New York to a Texan they just assumed it was NYC, and immediately distrusted and disliked you.  


If you said Buffalo they just felt sorry for you...

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Hey Ryan, welcome to the site'


Gary S

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welcome neighbor!
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Welcome to the thriving metropolis of Sennet in CNY..  Upstate is a big place.  Where are you from?



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