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Exhaust ?

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I got another question on my rf build , I dnt mean to be so aggravatin, I got my size and length , just need to know were would the best place to mount it. I'm goin to have 2 grates should I mount the exhaust above the top grate. Or in between the grates .
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tgrimmet, afternoon..... You need to STOP starting a new thread for every question about your smoker..... It makes it impossible to follow what you are doing and what has been posted.... I think you have 5 or 6 threads on this build....
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Ok won't bother you no more thanks
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oh, don't be like that Tgrimmett, ,   its not that your bothering anyone, its just much easier to give advise and for you to receive good advise, if all your information on your build is in one place. That way when you ask a question, all we have to do is scroll up to read all your info instead of having to search through all of your threads, your done with your build..youll have one thread for you to review your work!!!

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it's starting to come along ,got it burned out and the rf plate in . I'm hoping to get the doors on tommorrow , grates in and stack on , new tires for the trailer .
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I think I just posted this somewhere, but I'm too lazy to search.



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Almost there got the tires and thermometers ordered then paint.
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She's looking good! Let us know how she runs when you do your test burn!

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