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Help with Peppers

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Hello All,


  I am growing some Tabasco peppers and have a big bunch of habeneros at home that  i want to smoke and dry to use in rubs and such.  I have an MES 40 with an AMNPS.  How do i go about this?  i am growing the peppers myself so i don't want to screw this up.  Thanks in advance for all the help..



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I like my peppers dried first, then smoked..... I dry them at 110 ish in the dehydrator then the smoker using a cold smoke... about 60-110....
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I grow a variety of hot peppers during the summer. When I have a handful that are ripe, I split them lengthwise (so they don't rot) string them together and hang em on the fence to dry in the sun. Later, I take the dried peppers, grind them in an old electric coffee grinder I only use for this purpose and then spread them on a cookie sheet and let them dry some more.

Finally, I store the flakes in sealers and they last me the entire winter.




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Thank you guys for the help.  I appreciate it.  When "Stringing" them, how is that done?  I assume that you just use some butcher twine and a needle?

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Regular thread does just fine, unwaxed dental floss does too.

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