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Hello Again!

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Hi everyone!
I joined SMF back on December. Did the roll call back then, but feel I should reintroduce myself.
I have referred back to this site many times. Kinda like a stalker! And so incredibly impressed with the entire site! So much valuable information, I have spent hours just looking around.
So now I'm here and ready to be an active member to learn, and be a "smoking sponge."
Late last fall, I was blessed with a GOSM! Much more of a smoker, than a newbie should have (I think)!
I have taken the e-mail course. And found it most informative. Although my success rate is less than impressive. I refuse to give up!
I am in St. Louis, lots of heat and humidity, I am thinking is a factor in smoking?
I know my way around a grill, and quite good at it! Yes, I am tooting my own horn, much easier than patting myself on the back!
I am accessing this site through my android phone, and not sure how to open a new thread. Because I have a question that might not be appropriate for this particular forum.
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Hello and welcome back


Gary S

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