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After ten long years of use and many all night smokes and many repairs to the smoker , thanks to this forum , the Cajun Smoker is finally gave up !  :th_crybaby2:


so now to find a new electric smoker :yahoo:


i dont need a real big one and i have narrowed it down to two models


1. Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker, Black



Smokey Mountain 26" Electric SmokerSmokey Mountain 26" Electric Smoker
  • 431 sq in capacity
  • 15 lb meat capacity
  • Combination 3-in-1 tray



in your best opinon , which is better and why ??


Thanks in advance !!!

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Remove option number one unless you want to do a lot of repairs to that one too.  Just sayin



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That's the Masterbuilt analog. Not the best for finite temp. control or low smoke temps., but I've been using it hard for over 6 years with no breakdowns. Simple & reliable, since it's really nothing but a file cabinet and a hot plate. Out of the box best smoke made by putting dry small chips like Little Chief brand, or better yet sawdust in pan directly onto heat coils. But if you want to get into more serious smoking with greater ease do one of the mailbox mods. in the other posts or do as I did & cut a couple of vents in box & pick up an Amaz. smoke gen. 

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