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Strawberry Pulled Pork

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Hi all,

Need some brainstorming.  I am entering our local Strawberry Festival Cook Off, and I am planning on doing my pulled pork with a Strawberry BBQ Sauce.  


I would like to add some sort of Strawberry flavoring to the pork pre smoke (marinade, injection, or something)  The cook off rules require Strawberries be used in the recipe (since its a Strawberry Festival) so I want to up the flavor in the meat, besides just topping it with the Sauce.


I was thinking of adding some SB daiquiri mix to my finishing sauce and injecting it before rubbing, then letting it sit over night.


Any ideas?  Any help would be appreciated.


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What about thinning a jelly to glaze with?

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I was thinking of that option too.  Would I do that instead of a rub?

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I use rubs very lite anyway.


Rubs a little but you  want the strawberry to shine through.


What about marinade in the thinned jelly too?

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That was another thought, but I read a couple posts that stated marinades and pork butt are kind of not normal practice.

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Inject the thinned jelly?

I am just throwing out ideas.
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I appreciate the help c farmer.  That's exactly what I'm looking for is some brainstorming...

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Try to inject chunks of berries?
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I think I'm going to thin out a jam with some cider and vinegar, and inject it.  then rub it and let it sit for a day.

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Sounds good. Do a thread on it.
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I will be.  I'll be getting pics from start to finish.


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Not sure if you plan to foil or not, but if you do maybe add a little strawberry soda?
Using jelly as a glaze works well--i always spread some peach jelly on when I do pork. Makes it look shiny and adds a nice sweetness. And its fun to watch the jelly oooze down the sides as it warms up. Don't be afraid to lay it on heavy/often for something big like a butt.
Good luck. :-)
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How long till the cook? Got a week?


It'll take a week to pull the color and flavor, it will be a bit sharp not having any smoothing time. But I got a couple a gallon jugs here that shows not only can it be done but its dang good!




Not too sure about strawberries and Pork but........ a nice strawberry glaze would be good too. Make sure and strain/filter jams if you plan to inject it does plug up a big needle!

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Hmm.. I don't think strawberry injections would be a good idea. The sugars could potentially turn into a rancid taste. I would try mixing strawberry purée, with brown sugar and or molasses. Then use this as a basting paste during the last 3-4 hours of smoking. The strawberry flavor could caramelize with the sugars, and create a very nice sweet crust. Maybe....

Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes.

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Use a good strawberry liquor. I have a ham receipe that uses this and works fine.
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So, here goes the test.  I marinaded the butt in a strawberry rum marinade I came up with.  The marinade tasted great.  It marinaded for about 24 hours.  Then I put on a strawberry rub to help get a nice crust.  Just put it on, now wait and see.  I'm going to add a Strawberry Glaze during the last couple hours.  The one on the left is the Strawberry Pork, the right is my usual pork that I will also add the glaze to.  That one is just a back up in case the flavor of the marinaded one just isn't right.


My son is also helping out.  Never to young to learn the art of cooking meat.







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Very interesting, anxious to see how this turns out.
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I will be watching. Good luck.
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Can't wait for the results! Enjoy cooking with your son. Someday he'll grow up to BBQ "just the way dad did." :-)
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So, a couple hours shy of 205 I pull out the butt and apply the Glaze...  I did remove the Fat Cap at this point.  I figure by this time most of it has melted into the meat, and I wanted the glaze to get maximum contact with the meat.


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