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Retired Army SF guy in Fayetteville NC (home of Fatbacks, as seen on BBQ Pitmasters!).


Been smoking (or trying to) with a cheap Brinkmann propane smoker and a Maverick ET-733 dual thermometer.  Got tired of the useless always-too-hot and wildly-temperature-fluctuating Brinkmann and am waiting on a  Smoke Hollow 38208G and a needle valve so hopefully I can hold a steady temperature.

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Welcome to the board! It's pretty down there; in one of my past jobs I visited the commissaries at Ft. Bragg.


We were in a training room, and it sounded like someone dropped a loaded pallet on the roof. The trainees shrugged and said, that's just the 155mm artillery practicing.

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Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you on board.
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Hello and welcome to the Forum and thank you for your service.


Gary S

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