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First Real Smoke

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Well, this is my first proper smoke using my home made smoker.

It's made from a Plate Warmer, with two PID, one for cabinet temp and one for meat temp, when meat hits it's desired temperature, it cuts power to the heaters. Also fitted is timer control, that the Smokia Plugs into so I can set smoke time as well.

Just checked for pictures of my smoker and I have deleted some, but this is it.

Pork Butt been in fridge all night with Jeffs Rub on it.

Used Bears guide to cook Butt.

Only got to an internal temperature of 90'C, ran out of time and could not wait.

Taste great, but IMO it was a little dry, possibly down to not foiling it and resting for some time.

Smokin Monkey
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looks good to me, just add a little bit of the pan drippings to it.



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Thanks Chris, good idea.

Smokin Monkey
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