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Hello To All

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My name is SaoVicente and from the New England area (MA) and a newbie to smoking. It is an area of cooking meat I have always admired (drooled over).


I have been passing though this site for many a month reading quite a few threads along the way and I have now decided to join in the fun.


I decided to jump in head first and have begun the process of building my own offset/vertical brick/concrete block smoker based on the writings of Wes W. and others. Bare in mind, I do not have any experience in masonry.


I have many questions and hopefully, everyone can give me a hand as I join in on this new great adventure.





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Welcome aboard mate! We are here to help. Have you thought of building a smoke house out of wood instead? If you don't have the skills for brick, wood is a wonderful alternative and can be done for under 100 dollars. All you need is to find some scrap pallets for material!
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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Thanks Gents....I look forward to joining in the fun and learning all about smoking.

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I appreciative the advice.


I  had given wood a thought, but I was able to get my hands on free concrete blocks and chimney bricks plus a few fire bricks so all I had to do was get sand, cement, and lime.


I am near completion of the box. Will share some pics tommorrow to get some advice before I top it off.



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Nice well you will have to give me some pictures when is all done man I look forward to seeing it finished with some que
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Hello and welcome from East Texas, there is a member who posted his build on what you are wanting and I believe another member just built one, Type Brick smoker in the search and see if it doesn't pull up some helpful information


Gary S

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