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"No Smoke At 150"

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Hello I have been searching the archives here for an answer and I am sure its here somewhere just cant find.  just got my MES 30,.. I want to make jerky and decided to test the unit first..I started at 140, 30 min later no smoke(dry chips)...every 30 I bumped up the temp 10 degrees..after I got to 180 still nothing and lost interest!(glad I didn't have meat hangin!)  I did read about bad elements but I just got this thing from qvc you would think it have updated parts by 2014. (model number:20072614  800 watt) Thanks in advance!

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Normal.  Very little smoke at low temps.


Most of us MES owners use one of these.

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How does this Amazen product work with the MES smoker? Does it replace the wood chip tray?

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Never mind, it looks as though you just ignite it and place the tray in your smoker.......

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