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total noob

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Hey All,


Big Jake from Iowa here...just got Brinkman Trailmaster LE, looking forward to trying it out. just cured it the other night and been looking up what to do next. Good ideas on here and will definitely make charcoal basket. Any tips for first smoke? been thinking chicken as if I mess it up as least not too expensive:)...looking for good rub also. start off with store bought or is it just as easy to make a good rub?

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Welcome, yeah chicken, ribs, Boston butt or a Chuckie ! As far as rubs, the founder of the site Jeff has a great rub / sauce recipe he sales that helps support the site & they are really good IMO ! You can buy both or individual ! Or check out this link for some others !
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cool, good link I appreciate it.

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Hello and welcome from East Texas,  Chicken is a good starter, cheap and easy


Gary S

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