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hi everyone

i have been using my AMNPT and love it. i always load too many pellets as i fill it up every time and dont need to. can anyone tell me about filling it 1/2 way. do you keep the flat and spaced the same,or do you have them all at one end filling the tube?



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Hey Goliath...


When I use less than a full tube of pellets, I fill the end all the way.  I don't have any real evidence of this other than my experience, but my belief is that the pellets smolder longer and smoke better if they are "packed" into the end of the tube.  My propane torch is long enough to reach into the 12" tube more than half way so I can still light the pellets.  



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i have been stuffing them up to the front end and disaster strikes when i moved it ...  lol

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