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250 gallon reverse flow technical questions

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I'm fixing to start building my first reverse flow smoker.  I'm building it out of a 250 gal tank and it will have a round fire box build out of another propane tank.  I've don't a lot of research on looking around at plans and build.  The biggest question I have is how far do I build dividing floor off the bottom of the tank to get the best results.  The tank is a 30 in diameter and 90 in long.  I've been thinking of putting it between 10-12 inches off the bottom but figured I'd ask a few people that have done this before, before I go cutting up and ruining perfectly good steel.  Any insight from y'all that have done this before would be welcomed.  Thank you.

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10" is where I put mine, however I have a square firebox. Any certain reason you've chosen to ruin a perfectly good second smoker and not build a square firebox?
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cost.  3/16 plate steel is 250 bucks a sheet and it will take 2 sheets to build a square box at 30x30 x30  or a I can buy a second propane take for 50 bucks and make it 30 in long at 30 in in diameter, which gives me the perfect ratio for the size of the cooking chamber I have, and be at less then half the cost.

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I was trying to figure out where you were from and I've noticed that you haven't stopped by the new member welcome thread.
Please take a moment to folk out this information so that we can better help you.
I know of several places in the Midwest and southeast areas that sell 3/16" for $120
Heck of nothing else I can buy and cut them, them flat rate ship them using usps.
Yeah cause they'd love that, 900 pkgs of steel using their flay rate boxes.
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I'm in the Orlando Fl area. Everything around here is over priced. I just moved here from north Ms. About 40 min south of Memphis TN. I hate how everything here cost twice as much as I'm use to getting it.
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Have you looked into buying some cheaper and the cost of shipping?
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Naw not really. What's so bad about a round fire box?
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Not bad persay, I've just read alot of threads and seen many difficulties with building an air tight door and intake vents on a round firebox.
By all means we use what we have so let's get this thing rolling and we will be here to support you along the way.
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another question.  How big should the opening be from the end of the dividing floor be from the and the end of the smoking chamber be for the smoke to flow threw.  I was thinking about 10 inches from the end but im really just taking educated guess off of the builds I've researched.

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