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Tri-Tip Monday

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Made breakfast and tried to make it healthy. Hopefully I'm doing this right. :o

For this cook I set up half a chimney of hot coals with some left over charcoal from another cook. Add apricot and orange wood. I let it burn with no lid for about 15 minutes while I prepared the tri tip.


Seasoned with sea salt, onion and garlic powder. Lots of black pepper

Went indirect for about 40 min or so. Then when it hit 120 I did a direct sear. Took the lid of so the logs can flare up.


Plated with corn. Without Maribel the presentation doesn't look to great.


Here's an action shot on Instagram of the sear.

Thanks for stopping by.
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Looks awesome, I love TT's !
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That's awesome, nice shots of the sear.

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Looks like it came out nice and tender. Good job with the cook

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