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First time smoking salmon, help and suggestions very much appreciated

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Greetings all!


I am very much new to the smoking world and to this community in general.  After reading many posts on the subject, I definitely have a good idea as to how I want my salmon to be once finished, but would like some helping in getting there.


I am using a Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker (no window).


My preference is to get somewhat thick salmon steaks that end up flaky and moist but with a great smoky flavor.


Those are the basics, I truly look forward to your replies!



Los Angeles, CA (Seriously!)

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Get a good thermometer for the MES.... A Maverick remote works well..... The therms in smokers are usually not accurate.... smoke at 180-200 until an Internal Temp ( IT ) of 140 ish...
Preseason with you fav. seasonings... I like salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder... often I will smear with Mayonnaise, after seasoning, to help keep moisture in.... Mayo is mostly oil...
Place fish on a rack, above something to catch the drippings..
Use a mild flavored wood to not overpower the fish.....

Make adjustments to your liking for the next smoked fish....
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Thank you so much for the suggestions, will be testing it this weekend!

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Dave & I are both here in the PNW where Alder wood is used a lot on salmon but I have also used cherry wood which was tasty. I suggest you use the search bar for 'salmon' and peruse the posts that look interesting to you. There are numerous brines, rubs and techniques that you can try. For best results a pellicle formation really helps with the smoking so do some research. Here is a link to a slab I did some time back that was fairly decent although I like mine on the spicy side as opposed to sweet. HTH, Willie
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Hi, I suggest taking a close look at Bears recipe for smoking salmon. I have used his brine method, pellicle and smoking method for my salmon fillets twice. It is superb. I use an electric smoker with a separate wood chip pan for the smoke. His times are right on the money. Enjoy the smoke. I do. Again thanks Bear for great recipes.  Beuregard

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I would cut the fish into filet pieces if you have a choice.  I use Alder for the first 30 minutes of smoke then switch over to Apple.

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