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Hi everyone!

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I found this hidden gem (forum) while I was attempting my first spare rib smoke! I'm newer to smoking, so I can't wait to learn everything you're willing to teach! I'm a barbecue enthusiastic and prefer kitchen gadgets to any gift. I live in Harrison Township (Michigan), and still own a home in Algonac. I'm working with a Brinkmann electric smoker, mainly because I can't afford a crazy rig, and don't have the mechanical inclination to build the offset smoker I imagine in my head. I'm drooling already just reading some of these posts!
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go to and use Jeffs recipe for 3-2-1 ribs you wont be disapointed.. click pork !

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Welcome to the group the 3-2-1 method does work very well. I used it just this week in my new smoker. Good luck and keep smoking.

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Thanks for the tip! Ironically, I love juicy, tender barbecue/smoked meat and my wife doesn't think anything is "done" until every but of juice is drained from it (I.e. dry and well-done). I'll have to try that method, and I'll just make sure to leave her portion on for a few more hours while I'm enjoying mine!
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Hello and welcome from East Texas. Be sure and let us know how those ribs turn out.


Gary S

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Welcome to the forum from Lansing Adam.  And what a great forum it is to learn the art of smoking everything.


We have a Michigan group here.          

If you get a chance check it out and please join if you have not done so yet.


We are going to have a Michigan get together this year and I hope you can make it.   There’s still time to get in the fatty throw down.


It’s always nice to see another Michigander here..



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Welcome from another newby!
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