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Red sky in the morning,

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Sailors take warning. Red sky at night sailors delight. Unless your in the high desert and you're on a lake and there's a forest fire!

Got a cooker here right now close to town and heavy winds. Source is definitely man made as we haven't had any lightning.

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Good luck to everyone out there, and to our natural resources.


There are nut cases out there.


There is evil out there.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Fires and tornadoes are some scary things. Hope all stays clear.
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Best of Luck to you and your neighbors. Fires and the A$$HOLES that light them, deliberatley or through negligence are responsible for such great loss in America. Sad...JJ

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Be safe Case.
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I have a BIL that works for the forest service in the Bend Ore area. I will have to contact my sister to see if he is out there.
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Hope the best for ya bud ! Why the hell people can't be responsible is beyond me.... Some people need a good ole fashioned whooping ! Bottom.gif Then again, ya can't fix stupid ! th_dunno-1[1].gif
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Thoughts are with you!!!   If you saw the recent fires in San Diego (San Marcos Coco's Fire) that was in my town.  We had to evacuate as the fire came within about 200 yds of our house. 


Keep us updated please and be smart......



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