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I really appreciate all the info I have gotten on this thread. Thanks to all, and I ain't worried about any hijacking.

Hope I can lean on you guys in the future for more guidance.

Thanks again.
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These forums are full of useful info and people willing to help. Priceless knowledge here. People are always willing to help.
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I removed the chip drawer and the chip loader from my gen 2 MES Now have no problems w/ AMNPS staying lit. I set it under the drip pan on the left side of the smoker.

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Eman I was doing the same thing with my mes 40 (gen 2) and it was still hit or miss. I finally got it down to usually only going out durning the longer smokes, but it was still to inconsistent to trust so I did the mailbox mod and it had been 100% great!
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I spoke to soon .I did a 13 hr brisket last night. Went out to put up my smoker and found that some drippings had gotten in my AMNPS and killed the smoke at a row and a half.  May have to look into the mail box mod but i will have to figure a way to make it removable for storage issues.

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I used a mailbox, two chunky soup cans, 2 gear clamps, and a dryer hose. I pull it out when I'm done every time and put the mailbox mod on top of the mes for storage.

If you want pictures let me know. I'm smoking a fattie now but when I pull it apart in an hour it so I'll take some pics.
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Does apple run into the same burn issues as cherry in the amnps?

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Nope. Apple works great I use it all the time. I've only heard of any issues with cherry.
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Awesome thanks, another random question will any pellet work with the amnps? My butcher shop also sells pellets.

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I believe the answer to that is yes. I always order from todd cause I heard he uses no filler in his pellets.
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I will def. support him when I have enough forethought to make sure I have pellets on hand. lol

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It sucks to run out so now I keep a lot on hand. I just ordered 5 pounds apple, 5 hickory, 5 pitmasters, and 2 bourbon this week and I'm probably sitting on 3 each of hickory and apple and 5 peach right now.
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