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Growing update 6-6-2014

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Things are growing pretty well


Potatoes ready for harvest


More potatoes ready

Pepper plants


More Lettuce

Sunflowers and blueberry plants waiting to be planted

Getting more lettuce and some bell peppers ready



Lots of blueberry plants to get in the ground

Tomatoes not quite ready


Cucumbers are climbing some over 6' high

Spaghetti Squash

Yellow Squash

Cubanelle Peppers

Lots of green tomatoes


These tomato plants are a little bigger than last month huh


Sorry forgot to get pics of zucchini but it's growing well


Thanks for looking

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You seem to be about 3 - 4 weeks ahead of me, maybe more. My tomatoes and peppers are in the ground and looking good, they just need more time. No critter damage yet. Sage and chives are blooming, I cut some dill to flavor two bottles of vinegar. Sunflowers are coming up with fists swinging.

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Piney, afternoon...... I'm sitting here thinking the vertical grow system would be good for bush beans.... no bending....

Everything sure looks good..... I didn't realize there was a "blueberry" adapted to your climate.... COOL !!!!
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Dave there are quite a few low chill hour blueberry cultivars.


I've tried lots of things in the towers some do great others not so much but I have yet to try beans. Some people have great success growing tomatoes in the vertical systems and I've done it but prefer other methods.

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 They are all looking great!  Picked my first two maters today!



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I sure miss those good maters! Only thing anyone plants around here anymore or the Celebrity variety because they are so heat and bug tolerant.


They are tomatoes but the do lack the sweet juicy taste of the old varieties which were a gamble to plant every year.


Pineywoods color me impressed. Ever since college I always wanted to try hydroponic. Only problem was the huge green house. One of the local nurseries even offered me their old screened in netting type green house if I would just disassemble it and haul it off. I could just see it headed cross country with the first hurricane. LOL


That is really cool. Have you tried the Plastic pipe 1/2s where they just run the water/nutrients thru?

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