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Cure or not?

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Dont wont to wear out my welcome and show my stupidity at the same time. If you make say brats or links or italian and you add cure then that means you have to smoke em and or bring up to finish temp?! Right? But if you dont add cure then they just have to be cooked completely when taken out of freezer and prepared? Right? I just want to figure my options. The smoker is very time consuming, especially if ive been grinding and stuffing for a few hours.
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Okie, afternoon..... you can put them in the refer for a day or two, then smoke.... The smoke doesn't have to bring them up to final temp, when you do some them.... finish cooking later.... Although it is just as easy to finish cooking them after a 3-4 hour smoke in the smoker... or smoke then simmer in 160 ish water to finish temp..... or smoke, rest in the refer and vac pack and freeze...
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cure allows you to cook for longer periods of time at lower temps. You can either add cure or not and freeze then cook or smoke later. I wouldnt keep them frozen for more than 2 months (6 months if vacuum sealed). I have read nitrite will break down after a prolong time in the freezer...
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I know that your question relates to making sausage. I think the responses you got on right on.I just want to  give you a little side thought. By adding cure to a product does not automatically mean it must be smoked.One example . There is a product in Canada called P-Meal bacon. Not to be confused with what is called Canadian bacon. The product is cured and rolled in corn meal . it is gently fried. The P-Meal comes from , early on they used ground peas . that evolved into using corn meal which is much more readily available.Happy SM . Weiss wurst

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