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What can I use to replace powderd dextrose with? Just can't remember the ratio...(I must have a brain fart:icon_cry:) Thanks for any help unsure.gif

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Dextrose is a sugar.  No surprise there.


About 70% as sweet as regular sugar.


That can vary if using raw or refined sugar.


Maybe Joe or one of our other sausage gurus will check in.


If not, I would ballpark replacing about 1/2 of the recipe amount of dextrose with regular sugar?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Yeah 1/2 would be good, as long as its not a fermented sausage.
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There ya go!


Dan is one of our sausage gurus.


Thanks for weighing in Dan.


Good luck and good smoking.

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To expand on this, dextrose and table sugar should not be used as a replacement for each other. When making a fermented sausage, the chemistry is of utmost importance.  With a cured sausage, less of a difference, with a fresh sausage, even less.  But having said that, if a recipe called for dextrose, even if a fresh sausage, there is probably a reason. If you can, don;t substitute.  You can order and get dextrose in 2 days.

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