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Dutch/Canadian Smoker :)

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Hello all of you great smokers!!


My name is Anneke, I am a relatively new "almost"Canadian (10yrs) enjoying every bit of time in this great country/continent.


With a husband, 4 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats, we have a full house, although some of the kids move in and out, as they're all "adults" (I use that word carefully) :)

Cooking is my hobby, unfortunately I don't always have the energy as I am dealing with MS. 

But, my hubby is getting the hang of it and on my "off" days, he jumps in.


I hope to learn a lot of you all.




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Welcome Anneke, you will certainly learn a lot here.  I have an aunt in Holland named Anneke, I haven't been for a visit in quite some time but it is a lovely country as well.  My other aunt and uncle came for a visit one time years ago, they thought they could ride across Ontario on their bicycles. Needless to say what looks possible on a map is different when we have steep hills and many more kilometers of road in Canada than they have in Holland, and we had to go rescue them after a couple of days into their journey.  

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Funny eh how the Dutch don't get the distances here, I've had people asking me if I already had coffee with an aunt who lives in Ontario...we live in Calgary :)

I love it here, we love the nature here, we have prairies, mountains, hills, lakes, every thing, and no crowds to "spoil" the feeling of being in nature.


And all the new cooking adventures, we love our bbq, all seasons, and now our smoker :)

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Hello Anneka, a big welcome from East Texas. Sorry to hear about your MS. Great site lots of information and good people always willing to help.


Gary S

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Thanks, the MS is just a 2 letter word that read a lot more fun when you turn the letters around :) 

I am a lucky girl so, no complaints


This weekend my first big smoke, I am getting people over on Sunday, so I will be in the backyard tomorrow. I am already looking forward to the smell of smoking wood :)


Happy weekend to all of you!!

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