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Rytek Salami

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Have spent the morning grinding up venison to make salami using Rytek Kutus recipe. I have been looking at ingrediants and have found through the forum I can use non fat powdered milk in place of soy protein at the same quantities. But haven't found how much honey to replace corn syrup solids. Anyone able to help me please

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Are you sure honey is the best substitute ?

I don't know the recipe & I am not one of the sausage sensai "s but my gut instinct is a sugar based product is a closer fit.

Have you tried a PM to Boyko ? Good luck.

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What does corn syrup do is it something I could leave out?

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Glucose syrup is the replacement for corn syrup. Now my next problem is my mate that was going to get me some cure has forgotten to bring it home with him. Rang another mate who does a bit of smoking and he has a brand called Quick cure which I can use but reading through the post I may have to adjust the salt, could anyone tell me how much different it would be from cure#1.I would normally just buy the cure#1 and be done with it but I have got the mince defrosting and it's two hour drive to get the cure so its either use the other cure or the venison is going to be dog food.

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