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I think your dad will make time, even after surgery, for something like that! He's going to be proud for sure.
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thanks for the advice geerock  would it be better if i started it at about 10:00 pm and stayed up over night to smoke it and on a roast this size what would the rest time be

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Started the roast at 1:30 am with the smoker on 225 using applewood


This is at the 7 hour mark the internal temp is at 161 and it is about to be wrapped up in heavy duty foil with some apple juice

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Looking awesome bud!! Can't wait to see how it turns out and hear how happy your dad is with his surprise.
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Its sure lookin good!

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I'm at the 13 hour mark the temp is 165 it has stalled there for four hours is this normal or should I up the temerature
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I would keep it wrapped up and bump the temp to 250. The key is going to be is keeping that door closed. I know you are going to want to check the temp but I would wait two hours before hand. That big bone is not helping the temp but it will help the flavor so keep at it and good luck!

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Thanks for the advice bigboysmokhous
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bbq beginner,

Like BigBoy said, in fact since you're using an MES, and your meat is wrapped, it wouldn't hurt to go to 275*.




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It was finnally done after a 17 hour smoke it turned out great and everyone loved it
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Awesome Job @bbq beginner I bet it will be hard to wipe that smile off your Dad's face. Happy Father's Day to him and speedy full recovery! 

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Thats as fine a hunk of bbq pork as I've seen. Great bark and color, nice pull back from the bone, and a group of happy diners. You are the man!
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Originally Posted by bbq beginner View Post

It was finnally done after a 17 hour smoke it turned out great and everyone loved it

Nice job! Glad it turned out awesome! Keep it the good work and believe me your friends will be so glad haha
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Great looking shoulder!


Tell your Pop we all wish him a speedy recovery, and what a good man his son is. I am sure he'll know already.




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That's Great !!!!:drool:drool


Dad is Proud of you----I know it !!!Thumbs Up




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