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GOSM Needle Valve mod

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OK, after doing my first brisket this weekend really need to take the plunge and mod my GOSM stock gas valve and get a more consistent gas flow so I'm not adjusting every 10 minutes.


I'm not very handy with tools and such so I was looking for an easy solution.  My only problem is they don't say needle valve systems.  So, does anyone know if these are needle valves in these products I found on Amazon?  They are from Bayou Classic and I'm guessing they are.  but, don't want to set the money out if its not what I need.


This seems like it is the hose and valve together:


This one looks like just the regulator and the valve, I would still need to hook it to my hose:

http://Bayou Classic High Pressure Regulator / Control Valve


Are these what I need?


Thanks in advance for your help!!

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I'm looking at doing the same mod in the near future and found this very interesting and helpful post!!


I'm in Japan so I really have to ensure I'm getting the right stuff just like you.


I have a New "Smoke Canyon" Vert Gas Smoker that I have not been able to assemble yet, but I can see may problems with it even though I haven't put it together yet just by looking at the display model in the Military Exchange here in Japan.  I should have been reading this web-site before I bought it!!  Anyway, I have already ordered a new Landmann 38"  Two Drawer Mod# 3895GWLA, Smoker which should arrive in 4 or 5 months.  During that time I can experiment and make a bunch of mistakes using the Smoke Canyon smoker while I wait for my Landmann.


Anyway, hope the link helps and I'll be trying to follow this thread/subject so I can order the right Assembly too.




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I have a GOSM smoker as well.  I have battled through the last two Thanksgivings only getting a very low flame.  Finally figured out from these forums that my regulator was shutting down in the cold weather. I was thinking it was the smoker itself that was having the problem.


Bought the 0-30 PSI Regulator with needle-valve.  After battling finding the right fittings to get from the 3/8" flare to a 1/8" fitting all was great.


I used a 3/8" FL X 3/8 FIP then used a 3/8 in MIP x 1/8 in FIP.




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Now that you have the needle valve mounted, I assume you use that to solely control the gas flow. So what do you do with the stock knob on the smoker? Do you just set to "high" all the time?

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I am still experimenting.  I seem to get pretty control if I find a good level on the adjustable regulator that still lets me use the control knob on the smoker.  Since my problem was the opposite of a lot of the other guys (I could not get mine hot enough in the winter) vs, some cant get it low enough in hotter temps.


In the two short weeks I have had it I have smoked:


about 10 Chicken Thighs

a 24 pound Turkey

and a 2 lb Meatloaf



all turned out great!!!!

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