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Temp Problems

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Wish I had read these posts before buying. My smoker had great temperature the first few times I used it, it was around 225 on low and over 400 on high. Now on high it will barely get to 225 on preheat. I've cleaned the venture and I even use a propane bottle with the old style valve. Is it possible to have a blockage in the orifice? I really don't want to disassemble everything for no reason. This is a Masterbuilt  dual door vertical gas smoker.

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Go through the open and close procedure with the valve on the tank..... There is an "IDIOT" safety mechanism in the valve on the tank....
Close the burner... close the tank...... Open the tank valve VERY,VERY slowly.... you should hear a "click" when the safety mechanism resets... when tripped, it only allows a partial flow of gas.....
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Thanks for the suggestion. As I stated in the post, this is an OLD style valve without the safety. Any other ideas?

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head-wall.gif .... Your problem is so prevalent when folks use the new tanks, I missed that...... If your hose has been disconnected for awhile, from the smoker, or the tank, "stuff" could have got in there.... or maybe in the temp control valve.... hard to say...... Sorry.... Dave
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Everything stayed hooked up, but it went 3 months with no use. Guess I'll take it apart and try to broach the orifice.


Thanks for trying to help.

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