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My First Pulled Pork for a Party

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Well, today I am attempting my first pulled pork that will be served to people other than my family or friends.  My son's Cub Scout pack is having its advancement ceremony today.


I am following the sticky as I've had very good luck so far with it.


So  here goes!  I'll post some pictures..

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Good luck!! :grilling_smilie:

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Good Smoking , :pepsi:.


Have fun and . . .

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Have fun and take pictures

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Hi all..  So Sunday quickly became a crazy day and this week has flown by.


Anyway, the meat hit a plateau which lasted almost 2 hours.  I didn't calculate this long of a time based on my previous smokes.  Anyway this scared the heck out of me, but I stuck with it and kept the temp around 240 best I could.   I forgot to take a picture when I foiled the butts.  I was hoping to pull the meat around 2:30 and get an hour + rest time.  At about 2:15 i did raise the temp to 260 as the meat was climbing but only to 175 and I wanted to be to the hall at 3:00pm..  I removed the meat at 3:00 as soon as it hit 195, snapped a quick photo, wrapped it and headed to the hall..


Thankfully the person who had the keys to the hall was running way late.  The pork  got to sit a full hour!.  I wish it could've been longer, but everyone enjoyed it as well as the other great food brought in by leaders / parents.


Unfortunately the pics turned out way worse the pork.  I can say there were no leftovers and I received plenty of compliments.  We may even get a visitor or two to the site.

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